Transferring Australian Superannuation to your KiwiSaver account

So you're considering bringing your Australian superannuation back to New Zealand.

Call us on 0800 11 55 66 or email and we can help you with the process to transfer once you've decided.
Alternatively fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you.

Need more information to make your decision to transfer your Australian superannuation to the Summer KiwiSaver Scheme?
Check out our handy guide, which answers common questions around Australian superannuation, including what funds can be transferred, the process involved and what happens when your Australian funds arrive in New Zealand.

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 View our guide to Australian superannuation transfers


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It's easy to ask to transfer to or join Summer and only takes a few minutes. If you have your IRD number and identification, either driver licence or passport handy, it will make things easier.

If you need a little more information read about the Summer KiwiSaver scheme or take a look at our product disclosure statement.