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2017 Summer Investment Series: Twenty good summers — how are the plans going for yours?

When you are busy with work, family and life in general, slowing down can seem hard to imagine.

Join Martin Hawes, Authorised Financial Adviser and Chair of the Summer Investment Committee, at one of our upcoming seminars.

He will show how easy it can be.

  • Easy to make a plan, so you can start to slow down.
  • Easy to understand what’s happening in the markets and how you might benefit.
  • Easy to make changes to a Summer KiwiSaver scheme account.
  • Easy to track a Summer KiwiSaver scheme account online.

Take an hour out to get your KiwiSaver and twenty good summers sorted by joining Martin at one of our complimentary seminars.

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There are currently no scheduled seminars. If you're interested in hearing Martin speak, please register your interest.