Video insights

Want to learn more about KiwiSaver? 

With the Summer KiwiSaver scheme you're not on your own. Our Savings Specialists are here to help and have put together a series of short videos on a variety of KiwiSaver topics, which you can watch below. 

What is KiwiSaver / who can join?

In this video Daniel explains how the scheme works, and who can join.



In this video Corey explains how contributions to your KiwiSaver account are made, and covers how those contributions can play a big role in helping you achieve the retirement lifestyle you’re hoping for.



In this video Rhys explains that while in most cases your KiwiSaver money will be locked in until you reach the qualifying age for NZ superannuation, there are some situations in which you can access your KiwiSaver money early - if you meet the criteria.


First Home Withdrawal

In this video Corey explains how your KiwiSaver money may be able to be used to help you purchase a first home.


First Home Grant

It’s possible you may be able to get a grant from Kāinga Ora (formerly Housing New Zealand) towards buying your first or second chance home. In this video Corey provides a brief overview and lets you know who to talk to for more information.


Savings Suspensions

There may be times when you need to take a break from contributing to your KiwiSaver account. In this video Rhys explains how savings suspensions work.