Forms available for the Summer KiwiSaver scheme are listed below. If the document you're looking for is not listed or if you are unsure of the document you require please contact us.

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Summer KiwiSaver Scheme forms and documents

IRD forms

  • KiwiSaver deduction form (KS2 form)
    To change your contribution rate you will need to complete a KS2 form and give this to your employer.

  • KiwiSaver Non-deduction notice (KS51 form)
    To stop making employee contributions once you become eligible to withdraw from your KiwiSaver account, you will need to complete a KS51 form and give this to your employer.

  • Savings suspension request (KS6 form)
    To request a temporary suspension of your employee contributions you will need to either; phone Inland Revenue on 0800 549 472, apply online via your MyIR login or complete a KS6 form and send it to Inland Revenue.

Withdrawal forms

Overseas transfer forms