Summer Conservative Selection

Summary of investment objective and strategy

We aim to achieve positive long-term returns by choosing exposure across asset classes.

Investors can expect:

  • moderate to high levels of movement up and down in value
  • longer-term returns that are lower than those of the Summer Balanced Selection (but with less risk).

Target investment mix

What is a target investment mix? The target mix of asset classes that a fund manager aims to hold in a given fund – e.g. the target percentages of shares and bonds. This can often be different from a fund’s actual asset allocation, which is the mix of asset classes that a fund has at any moment.

We aim to invest in...

Tactical asset allocation

What is a tactical asset allocation? Tactical asset allocation is when you move away from your target asset allocation to buy more of something that you think attractive (or to sell out of markets you think are unattractive). In the jargon, as a matter of tactics you go over-weight to a particular asset class (or maybe under-weight if you think something is unlikely to give good returns in the coming months).

We have chosen the following tactical asset allocation for Summer Conservative Selection

These can move in line with market movements and we review the portfolio and adjust asset allocation accordingly.

The date of the last review was: 15/05/2024

Summer Conservative Selection Allocated %
New Zealand cash 15.00%
New Zealand fixed interest 34.50%
International fixed interest 23.00%
Total income assets 72.50%
New Zealand equities 8.50%
Australian equities 8.00%
Listed property 2.00%
International equities 9.00%
Total growth assets 27.50%
Total portfolio 100.0%

Apply Summer Conservative Selection

Risk indicator

The risk indicator is rated from 1 (low) to 7 (high). The rating reflects how much the value of the fund’s assets goes up and down (volatility). A higher risk generally means higher potential returns over time, but more ups and down along the way.

This fund started on 8/4/2019. We’ve calculated the risk indicator using market index return data for periods before this date, and actual fund return data for the remainder of the five-year period to 30/9/2023. Using market index return data may make the risk indicator a less reliable indicator of how much fund values might go up and down in future.

Minimum suggested investment timeframe

At least three years

Fund manager

The investment manager is Octagon Asset Management who is responsible for the day to day investment management for each of the funds. Learn more about Octagon Asset Management.

Further information can be found in the product disclosure statement or Quarterly Fund Updates

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