FMA KiwiSaver tracker

The Financial Markets Authority released their KiwiSaver tracker in 2017. This tracker enables KiwiSavers to see the annual percentage return of their fund before and after fees are charged and the associated risk profile for the fund. 

The KiwiSaver tracker is best viewed on a desktop computer or laptop using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. It can also be viewed on tablet devices, however the tool is not currently optimised for mobile. You can also switch to full-screen mode for easier viewing, using the icons in the bottom right.

Finding Summer using the tracker:

Summer will not appear in the 'Show me the five-year data' section, as the funds have not yet been in existence for a five year period. The date the funds started was 19 September 2016.

Summer can be found in the ‘Show me individual funds’ section. Use the 'Choose a fund' drop down in the upper right and search for Summer.

FMA tracker IndividualFunds

Alternatively you can select ‘I want to dig into the data’ and adjust the return period to 'Return in the last year (%)' at step 2.

The data used in this tracker is drawn from the quarterly fund updates produced by KiwiSaver providers. We also produce monthly performance summaries, which you can view here.