How your KiwiSaver money is held

  • The Summer KiwiSaver scheme is set up as a trust, which is governed by a trust deed between Forsyth Barr Investment Management Limited (manager of the Scheme) and the Supervisor.

  • It is a registered managed investment Scheme under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.

  • The Supervisor (or a custodian it appoints) holds all investments of the Scheme in trust for the Scheme’s members.

  • This means the investments are held separately from Forsyth Barr for the benefit of Scheme members.

  • The Supervisor performs another important role, which is to check that we as manager perform our duties.

  • The Supervisor has been granted a full licence under the Financial Markets Supervisors Act 2011 to act as a KiwiSaver supervisor and is subject to reporting conditions from the Financial Markets Authority (FMA).

  Name Role
Supervisor Trustees Executors Limited Supervises us as the manager.
Custodian Trustees Executors Limited (acting through its nominee company T.E.A. Custodians Limited) Holds the assets of the Scheme on behalf of members.
Investment Management Octagon Asset Management Limited Responsible for day-to-day investment management. 

Forsyth Barr Limited

Trustees Executors Limited

Provides us with day-to-day administration services.

Provides us with registry functions and investment accounting services.

 A plain English guide to KiwiSaver, which includes some of these terms, can be found here.

You can view this information in our How your KiwiSaver money is held PDF (84 KB).