Making the most of your KiwiSaver opportunity

The amount you save now can make a big difference to your future KiwiSaver balance.

Contribution rate

For employee contributions coming directly from your salary or wages, the minimum contribution is 3%, however you can choose to increase this to 4% 6%, 8% or 10%. 

To change your contribution rate you will need to complete a KS2 form and give this to your employer.

Below is an example of possible future balances at 65 for a 30 year old, on a current salary of $50,000, invested the Summer Balanced Selection and contributing at the different contribution rates.

ContributionRates Balanced 

Fund choice

Defensive, Conservative, Balanced, Growth…  Not sure which investment profile is right for you?
The Summer KiwiSaver scheme Investment Profile tool can help determine which fund or combination of funds in the Summer KiwiSaver scheme might be right for you. 

Below is an example of possible future balances at 65 for a 30 year old, on a current salary of $50,000, with a 3% employee contribution and investing in different funds. 

FundChoice Conservative Growth 

These balances are calculated using expected rates of return – actual returns will differ. While Growth funds generally have higher expected returns than Conservative funds, they are also higher risk (that is, they are likely to have more ups and down in value). For more information on our funds read the latest quarterly fund update and the product disclosure statement

Voluntary contributions

You can also put additional money into your KiwiSaver account at any time and there are a number of ways to do so by making voluntary contributions. Read more here.

The examples on this page are illustrative only to help you understand the possible impacts of decisions around contribution rate and fund choice. These examples are not a substitute for personalised financial advice. We recommend you take financial advice before making investment decisions. We do not make any representation or warranty (express or implied) that this web page is accurate, complete, or current and to the maximum extent permitted by law disclaim any liability for loss which may be incurred by any person relying on this web page. Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.


All examples are calculated using the Summer Retirement Calculator and assume:

  • An employer contribution rate of 3%
  • Salary increases of 2% per year
  • A current balance of $0
  • No other investments or withdrawals between 30 and 65
  • The expected returns used are as follows and are based on the current tactical asset allocation we have chosen for these funds:
    • Summer Conservative Selection 3.29% p.a. after Annual Fund Charges and tax
    • Summer Balanced Selection 4.27% p.a. after Annual Fund Charges and tax
    • Summer Growth Selection 5.23% p.a. after Annual Fund Charges and tax

Please note that these expected returns are higher than the returns set in the retirement savings and income projections information regulations. Refer to the Summer Retirement Calculator for the full set of assumptions.