Who can join

KiwiSaver is a savings scheme which most New Zealanders are eligible to join.

You will be able to join the Summer KiwiSaver scheme if you can answer ‘yes’ to all of these statements:

  • I’m entitled to permanently live in New Zealand
  • I normally live in New Zealand

You may still be able to join even if you live overseas, for instance, if you’re a state sector employee employed on New Zealand terms and conditions.

If you are already a KiwiSaver member you may be able to transfer to the Summer KiwiSaver scheme even if you don’t meet the above criteria. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

Joining KiwiSaver is easy, and how you do it depends on your work situation. Find out how to transfer to or join Summer.


Are you working?

If you are already in a KiwiSaver scheme, and want to join the Summer KiwiSaver scheme, it’s easy. 

Just use our easy online application, and we can take care of the transfer process. You don’t even need to let your existing provider know. 


Are you self-employed or not currently working?

KiwiSaver is not just for employees. If you are self-employed or not currently working, you can join as well.

If you are self-employed and receive PAYE income you will need to make both employee and employer contributions.

If you are either self-employed and PAYE isn’t deducted, or are not currently working, you can make regular contributions or lump sums, whatever works best for your situation.

The Summer KiwiSaver scheme has no minimum transaction requirements.

You may want to optimise your contributions to access the Government contributions - find out how.

Ready to get started? 

In just a few easy steps you can complete the Summer KiwiSaver scheme online application.


Opting out

If you’ve been automatically enrolled by your employer you can opt out of KiwiSaver on or after day 14 and on or before day 56. If you do not opt out during this timeframe you will remain a KiwiSaver member and your employer will continue to deduct contributions from your salary and wages.