Meet our Investment Managers


Martin Hawes AFA
Summer Investment Committee  |  DDI: +64 (03) 442 3328  |  Mobile: +64 (21) 22 22 737

Martin Hawes is a financial author, seminar presenter and an Authorised Financial Adviser. He has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry.

As Chair of the Summer Investment Committee, Martin and the Investment Managers will provide information and guidance to help you make sense of what is happening in the markets and what you might need to be thinking about.

Martin has a small number of independent non-executive company directorships and is the past National President of Save the Children New Zealand and Trustee of the Community Trust of Southland.

Martin lives in Queenstown and his pastimes and interests include rock climbing, mountaineering (attempted Mt Everest in 1995), skiing, fly fishing and cycling.

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Craig Alexander 
Head of Funds Management
Forsyth Barr  |  DDI: +64 9 368 0032  |  +64 21 227 9783

Craig Alexander joined Forsyth Barr in 2013. He has over 25 years of experience spanning New Zealand’s banking, insurance and funds management industries.

As Head of Funds Management, Craig is responsible for the performance of Forsyth Barr’s investment management business, which is the investment manager for an array of investment unit trusts as well as the Summer KiwiSaver scheme.

In addition, Craig is the portfolio manager of Forsyth Barr’s fixed interest unit trusts, the Premium Yield Fund and NZ Fixed Interest Fund.

A member of Forsyth Barr’s Investment Committee, Craig is a commerce graduate of Lincoln University and a former board member and treasurer of the New Zealand Financial Markets Association.

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Kevin Stirrat 
Head of Investment Strategy
Forsyth Barr  |  DDI: +64 9 368 0069  |  Mobile: +64 27 599 2045

Kevin Stirrat joined Forsyth Barr in 2005. He has over 30 years of experience in the areas of money market research, trading and sales, liability management, fixed income distribution, balance sheet management and asset management.

Kevin is the Head of Investment Strategy for Forsyth Barr. He provides dedicated research on global macro themes for New Zealand based investors including key asset allocation implications. He has specific responsibilities for firm wide tactical asset allocation and currency hedging decisions. He also leads the investment strategy discussion within the Forsyth Barr Investment Committee.

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Malcolm Davie 
Equity Portfolio Manager
Forsyth Barr  |  DDI: +64 6 831 0143  |  Mobile: +64 27 226 8437

Malcolm Davie joined Forsyth Barr in 2014 as Equity Portfolio Manager. He has over 20 years of industry experience, having previously worked in Funds Management and Research in both New Zealand and London.  His responsibilities include managing Forsyth Barr’s New Zealand and Australian equity funds.

Malcolm is a graduate of Victoria University and the London School of Economics and he holds an M.A (Strategic Studies) and B.C.A (Hons). Malcolm is a Fellow of FINSIA.

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Rob Mercer 
Head of Private Wealth Research
Forsyth Barr  |  DDI: +64 4 495 1325  |  Mobile: +64 21 958 192

Rob Mercer joined Forsyth Barr in 2001, and has worked in the financial markets since 1986. He has experience in both sharebroking and funds management, and has undertaken research roles and investment manager roles.

Rob has a BCA degree, majoring in Finance. He was formerly Chairman of the NZ Society of Investment Analysts (NZSIA).

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Yvonne Webb 
Forsyth Barr  |  DDI: +64 4 495 1325  |  Mobile: +64 27 472 1234

Yvonne Webb joined Forsyth Barr in April 2013 after previously working in the pharmaceutical and financial services industries. She assists in the managing of pricing, valuations and benchmark database. This includes managing the processing of the data to produce performance reporting for client portfolios and measuring individual asset class performances. Yvonne also provides Quantitative Analyst support to the Investment Sector Specialists, including manager reviews, performance reporting and compliance oversight.

Yvonne holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance and a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacology from the University of Auckland. In addition, Yvonne has completed a Masters in Applied Finance from Victoria University.

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