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We are investment specialists – as part of Forsyth Barr, we have an over 80 year history in investment markets utilising world-class research. Our Investment Committee is chaired by Martin Hawes, a respected investment specialist.

Below we share our knowledge of investment markets via articles, research, market updates and videos to keep you informed.

For my money

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We know that one day there will be another major slump in share prices; the problem is we do not know when that slump will be. Buying low to sell high is easy to say but very difficult to do because no one rings a bell at either the top or the bottom of the market. In this month's For My Money Martin looks at how to make investment decisions by studying the economy and business cycle.

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Investor education

People scramble to get on the property ladder. Martin thinks home ownership is a good thing. However, getting on to a ladder assumes that you are not going to sit still. You are going to climb that ladder and, in property terms, that means buying a bigger and bigger (or at least a more and more expensive) house. This is the theme he explores in this month’s investor education.

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Our Becoming an investor guide is a great resource if you are new to investing. This explains key concepts about investing generally and how this can relate to your KiwiSaver investment.  

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For a plain English guide to KiwiSaver view the KiwiSaver Glossary put together by Workplace Savings NZ. 

Forsyth Barr research

Exclusive for members of the Summer KiwiSaver scheme, keep up to date with what's happening in the world with research from Forsyth Barr's experienced team of research analysts.

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Background image Laptop DashboardInvestors should be very satisfied with returns over the last quarter. As Central Banks around the world continued to cut official cash rates and increase monetary stimulus, global interest rates fell. Lower rates lifted the capital value of income generating assets.  Read more >

Video insights

Martin covers a range of topics in our short videos. Whether you're looking for introduction to Summer or wanting to learn more about investing, you'll find it here! There's even one about eating frogs - you know, that famous Mark Twain analogy?!

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