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We are investment specialists – as part of Forsyth Barr, we have an over 80 year history in investment markets utilising world-class research. Our Investment Committee is chaired by Martin Hawes, a respected investment specialist.

Below we share our knowledge of investment markets via articles, research and market updates to keep you informed.

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Along with everything else that is going on in health, economies and markets, we have to remember that there are elections coming up in both New Zealand and the US. In this month's For My Money, Martin looks at the reasons behind the Summer Investment Committee's recommendation to remain a little underweight to growth assets.

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Investor education

Over the last few months, many people have asked Martin about the chances of inflation after the pandemic is over. These people are concerned that governments are pumping large amounts of cash into economies around the world and that this is coming through borrowing and “quantitative easing” (effectively printing money). Older people, in particular, worry about inflation as they remember the scourge that inflation was back in the 1970s and 1980s and think that all of this new money will take us back to those days. In this month’s investor education he looks at deflation vs inflation.

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Our Becoming an investor guide is a great resource if you are new to investing. This explains key concepts about investing generally and how this can relate to your KiwiSaver investment.  

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For a plain English guide to KiwiSaver view the KiwiSaver Glossary put together by Workplace Savings NZ. 

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Exclusive for members of the Summer KiwiSaver scheme, keep up to date with what's happening in the world with research from Forsyth Barr's experienced team of research analysts.

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Background image Laptop DashboardThe last quarter of 2019 heralded a stake shift in sentiment within financial markets. The mood lifted from cautiously wary, to a more optimistic outlook for the year ahead.  Read more >