Our fees are simple. 

You will be charged fees for investing in the Scheme. Fees are deducted from your investment and reduce your returns.

Annual fund charges: 
0.9% p.a. of the value of your investment

Other charges:
An account fee of $36 per member per year

All fees and charges are quoted inclusive of GST.

We charge these fees to cover the management and administration costs of the Scheme. This includes expenses we incur in managing the scheme, for example legal, marketing, audit and accounting and any fees charged by the Supervisor or Custodian.

For more information and an example of how these are applied, please see section 5 "What are the fees?" of the product disclosure statement.


Making  changes:

There are no charges for making changes to your account including switching between funds.

At any time you can without cost:

  • switch your existing investments between different funds
  • change the funds that your future contributions will be invested in (without switching your existing investments)

or do both.

Create an account with us and ask to transfer to or join Summer as part of your registration


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