Summer overview

It’s your money. Take charge of your future.

Your money is different to everybody else's money. What you plan to do with it is personal.

With Summer you can choose to let us make the decisions for you, and keep you informed through communications. But if you like to be a bit more hands on, you can take charge by asset allocating your KiwiSaver savings across cash, and fixed interest and shares - both domestic and global.

Try our short questionnaire which helps you work out your risk profile and how you might like to invest your KiwiSaver savings as a result.

Experienced Authorised Financial Adviser, author of over twenty books and financial commentator Martin Hawes has joined us.

As Chair of the Summer Investment Committee, he and the Investment Managers will provide information and guidance to help you make sense of what is happening in the markets and what you might need to be thinking about.

We have made it easy to view your account and make a change, anywhere, anytime. From checking your balance to switching, with Summer's online access you can:

  • watch the progress of your money and make changes to your investments 
  • update your personal details when they change
  • keep any retirement goals in sight - simply set a goal by using our retirement calculator, which allows you to combine other investments with your KiwiSaver and plan out your retirement lifestyle
  • keep up to date with what’s happening in the markets by reading Martin Hawes’ latest article or watching one of his video updates

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