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Conservative, Balanced, Growth…  Not sure which risk profile is right for you? Use our free tool to find out.

Just complete 5 simple questions below, selecting the single best option for each. Don’t worry, you don’t need to sign up to use this tool.

The following questions provide an assessment of your capacity to expose your savings to risk and your attitude towards investment volatility. This will help you to select your asset allocation.

Please Note: If you are using your KiwiSaver account to save for the deposit on your first house, the investment strategy which matches the Conservative Saver Profile is likely to be most appropriate for your goal.

Your answers provide an assessment of your sensitivity to investment risk and therefore suggest the proportion of your money that should be invested in shares and listed property trusts. This analysis will assist you in deciding which funds are most appropriate for you to invest your savings in, however it is not a substitute for personalised advice, should you require it.

The model and calculations used to determine your investment profile result have been independently reviewed by actuary, Melville Jessup Weaver.

The Summer Investment Selection may be suitable for your KiwiSaver needs

Leave the choice of target investment mix to us. We will select from the following asset classes for you: New Zealand cash, New Zealand fixed interest, International fixed interest, New Zealand equities, Australian equities, Listed property, International equities.

Our aim is for positive long-term returns. These kinds of investments will typically have moderate levels of movement up and down in value. The Summer Investment Selection can be suitable for someone who wants to invest across different asset classes, and is comfortable with that level of movement, with a view to achieving improved longer term returns.

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