Account terms and conditions

We are thrilled to have you joining the Summer KiwiSaver scheme, before you complete your sign-up form please have a read of our application terms and conditions. When you complete and submit the application form you will be accepting these terms.

We've tried to make them easy to understand and straight-forward for you. If you have any questions please contact us on 0800 11 55 66. By using our website you agree to our website terms and conditions and our website privacy policy.

By completing the sign-up form and submitting it online I:

  1. apply to become a member of the Summer KiwiSaver scheme (‘Scheme’) and agree to be bound by the governing documents of the Scheme, as amended from time to time, and by the requirements of the KiwiSaver Act 2006 and any associated regulations or notices;
  2. confirm that I have received (whether by obtaining a copy electronically or otherwise), read and understood the Product Disclosure Statement for the Scheme;
  3. direct you to apply my contributions by investing in the investment option(s) of the Scheme that I have selected;
  4. acknowledge that I am permitted to have only one active KiwiSaver account and if there is another account open, I permit you to arrange the transfer of these funds to the Scheme;
  5. acknowledge that choosing investment option(s) is solely my responsibility, and neither you nor the Supervisor recommends or is advising me that any particular investment option is appropriate for my personal circumstances;
  6. agree that where I make regular scheduled contributions via direct debit, you may notify me at the outset of your intention to debit my account as instructed until further notice, and not on each initiation of a direct debit payment;
  7. confirm that the information supplied within this form is true and correct, and is not misleading (including by omission), and I agree  to notify you in writing within 2 business days if the details that I have previously provided to you are or become incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading (including by omission);
  8. agree that I will provide you with any information or documentation that you request from me for the purposes of you complying with any legal requirements; and
  9. authorise you to update information you hold about me and, where applicable, apply updates to my Forsyth Barr investment account.

Electronic Communications

I also agree that;

  1. if I supply you with an email address or register on the Scheme’s website, to the extent permissible by law you may provide me with any notice, report or communication in connection with my account to me by sending it to me at that email address, or making it available for me to view through that website (as applicable);
  2. if I supply you with an email address that is accessible by other persons, those persons will be able to access any electronic communications that you send to me at that address;
  3. under section 11(2) of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007, any electronic messages (including emails) sent to me do not need to include any functional unsubscribe facility; and
  4. you only intend to send electronic messages to me where I am physically present in New Zealand when the message is accessed.


I authorise you to:

  1. collect, hold, and disclose information about me for the purposes of providing services to me, compliance with anti-money laundering laws and other laws, administering my  account, or for your own marketing purposes or to further the relationship between us;
  2. collect information about me from, or disclose information about me to, any of your affiliates, or any third party who helps you to achieve any of the purposes above, credit reporting agencies, the New Zealand Traffic Authority, the New Zealand Government Confirmation Service and the Department of Internal Affairs for the purpose of verifying my identity in accordance with anti-money laundering laws, any reputable organisations with whom you have a continuing relationship, and any person where required by law or regulations or where you believe the giving of information will help prevent fraud, money laundering or other crimes; and
  3. use information about me for any of the purposes above.


Except as authorised above, we will not disclose information about you acquired in connection with your account to other persons, unless you authorise that disclosure.  If we do disclose information about you, we may not be allowed to tell you.

You have the right to see all personal information that we hold about you.  If the information held about you is wrong, you have the right to have it corrected. 

To further the relationship between us, we may provide you with information about products and services which we think may be of interest to you.


Effective from: 19 September 2016