Video insights

With the Summer KiwiSaver scheme you're not on your own.

Martin Hawes is here to provide information and guidance to help you make sense of what is happening in the markets and what you might need to be thinking about with regards to your KiwiSaver investment.

Watch our series of short videos. Whether it's an introduction to Summer, information on listed property, learning about your appetite for risk, or basics like asset allocation or investing in shares, you'll find it here! There's even one about eating frogs - you know, that famous Mark Twain analogy?!


An introduction to the Summer KiwiSaver scheme


Investment risk

What's your appetite for risk when it comes to your KiwiSaver investment? Martin Hawes explains the three factors that help decide it.

If you’re not sure what your appetite for investment risk is, use our Investment profile tool to work it out. 


Asset allocation explained

Martin Hawes explains what an asset allocation is and why you should make sure your asset allocation is set up correctly in your KiwiSaver account.


Investing in shares

Martin Hawes talks about investing in shares and why you shouldn’t be scared of doing it.


Investing in Listed Property

Martin Hawes talks about investing in property and explains why it’s a hot topic at the moment. Property can be a great asset to have in your portfolio and the Summer KiwiSaver Scheme gives you that choice.


Your KiwiSaver investment - don’t put it off; it’s not a slimy green frog!

Martin Hawes talks about Mark Twain’s famous procrastination analogy. 

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