At Summer, we’re on a mission to make sure everyone is making the most of their KiwiSaver opportunity.

These are the things we wish people knew:

  • How much do you have saved, what type of fund is it in and who is your provider. We would like to see every KiwiSaver member be able to answer these three questions.
  • It’s a decision for today, not tomorrow. Retirement might be a long way away. But choosing the right investment strategy now can make a big difference to what you can save for your retirement.
  • It’s yours, and it’s real money. Money in your KiwiSaver account can sometimes feel a bit artificial because you can’t touch it. But it’s your money. And if you make smart decisions about it, it can grow into a lot more of your money.

If you agree with the above and would like to talk to Summer about how we can work together, please assist us by answering the following questions and we will be in touch.