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This is how one KiwiSaver manager views the current state of investment risk and volatility, positioning for the special perspective of New Zealand members.

When the US sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold. With this in mind, the Summer Investment Committee discusses what is happening in the US as it makes up over 50% of the total world share markets by value. 

Martin Hawes asks: do you find market volatility 'interesting' or 'worrying'? Your tolerance for risk must pass the 'sleep test' and you may need to review the type of KiwiSaver fund you are in

Martin Hawes asks: do you find market volatility 'interesting' or 'worrying'? Your tolerance for risk must pass the 'sleep test' and you may need to review the type of KiwiSaver fund you are in.

Martin Hawes thinks there are three key reasons property investors should also be in KiwiSaver - and one of them is that the returns can be better

In this article Martin discusses why property investors should consider KiwiSaver and the benefit of having a diversified investment portfolio. 

How can we marry KiwiSaver funds looking for yield with Government infrastructure projects looking for funding? asked investors what they’d be looking for if the Government presented them with an infrastructure investment opportunity. Read the article to see Martin's thoughts on this topic.

Stuff: KiwiSavers for Trump

In this article Rob Stock looks at the link between Donald Trump and KiwiSaver and Martin Hawes discusses three ways in which active management can be utilised.

Should you invest in an asset class at a bad time in the market cycle just to achieve diversification? Jenée Tibshraeny asks Martin Hawes

Have a look at this interesting article from, Martin Hawes and Jenee Tibshraeny cover an asset allocation scenario and discuss portfolio diversification.  

Is it fair that if you keep working when you're over 65 your employer doesn't have to contribute to your KiwiSaver account? Martin Hawes thinks not and wants a law change

Martin Hawes, is calling for the Government to go a step further in tweaking legislation to allow over 65-year-olds to join KiwiSaver. 

NZ Herald: How is your KiwiSaver fund performing?

Kiwis can dig into the performance of their KiwiSaver fund with a new tool released by investment watchdog the Financial Markets Authority.

KiwiSaver Tracker
The FMA has published KiwiSaver data in an interactive format to prompt discussion, engagement and debate on the relationship between investment risk, returns and fees.

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