Volatility in sharemarkets

Investment markets can be volatile. At Summer we share our knowledge of investment markets via articles, research and market updates to keep you informed.

The world is a complex place. While we often feel a little protected here in New Zealand, the reality is that the New Zealand economy, and the investments made on behalf of KiwiSaver members, can be impacted by the significant events that happen around the world. 

We have seen volatility, and the potential for significant economic impacts, stem from issues such as Brexit, trade tariffs and geopolitical tensions around the world. 

At Summer, we believe it’s important not just to be aware of these issues and their effects, but to be positioned to act based on the potential impact of volatility on markets.

Forsyth Barr’s research and global partnerships are charged with understanding the investment landscape. The Summer Investment Committee utilise this research to help provide a general investment view to support the asset allocation decisions for the Summer Conservative Selection, Summer Balanced Selection and Summer Growth Selection.

This active investment philosophy contrasts with some other providers who adopt a passive investment approach, following an index irrespective of whether significant global or local events are likely to impact specific investments.

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