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Online Account Access

How do I view my account online?
If you are a Summer KiwiSaver scheme member, you can view your account information on your Dashboard.

Can I switch between funds within the Summer KiwiSaver scheme?
Yes! You create your own portfolio of investments by choosing any combination of our funds. We call this My Plan. Or, if you would prefer to leave the investment mix to us, just choose the Summer Investment Selection, which is a fund where we choose the investments across different asset classes.

It's easy to switch between funds and it's free to make changes. This can be done via the Switch my investments page.

If you are not sure which investment choice is right for you, there are several places where you can find information:

I can’t remember my password, what do I do?
No problem, you can simply reset your password.

I can’t remember my username, how do I find it?
No problem, you can simply enter your email address on the forgotten username page.

How do I update my details?
You can update your details by going to your profile.

What information will I be able to see online?
As a Summer KiwiSaver scheme member you are able to:

  • View your Summer account to check your balance, your asset allocation and monitor progress on your savings
  • Switch your investment choice and asset allocation
  • Read our Summer insights and Martin Hawes' latest article
  • Set a goal with the retirement calculator and monitor your progress against your KiwiSaver balance
  • View and update your personal details

Can I download an app for Summer on my phone?
You don't need an app to access Summer on your phone. The Summer website is mobile friendly and it's easy to load a shortcut on your phone's home screen, which will take you directly to the website whenever you need to access it.

Head to the mobile access page to find out how to save a Summer shortcut to your phone.


Performance and Returns

Where can I read about the performance and returns of each fund? 
Performance information for each fund is updated online monthly along with an update on the markets generally. We also publish quarterly fund updates online.

How much risk is involved?
Some funds come with more risk than others. We have a short questionnaire which allows you to discover what your risk appetite is. You can also read more about risk on the fund pages or in section 4 "What are the risks of investing?"of the product disclosure statement

How much will I save before I retire?
Try our retirement calculator. It’s not just KiwiSaver focused, it allows you to add in other assets that you may have and factor in withdrawals as well. If you're a Summer KiwiSaver member you can keep your retirement goal in sight by saving it to your Dashboard. Add a picture and some words that will tell your retirement story and remind you what you are working towards.

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Tax and Fees

Do I have to pay tax on my KiwiSaver investment?
You can find some general information on our Tax page.

For additional information see section 5 "What are the fees?" and Section 6 "What taxes will you pay?" of the product disclosure statement

What fees will I be charged?
Read more on our Fees page or in section 5 "What are the fees?" of the product disclosure statement.


Making contributions

How much do I have to contribute to my KiwiSaver investment?
For an overview on contributing to KiwiSaver take a look at how contributions work.

Take a look at section 2 "How does this investment work?" of the product disclosure statement for more information contributions.

Does the government contribute to my KiwiSaver savings? 
Yes, they do. Read more about the Government contribution.

Can I take a break from contributing?
If you need to take a break from saving, read about a contributions holiday.

How do I deposit money into my Summer account online?
To make a one-off voluntary contribution into your Summer KiwiSaver account via internet banking, please select ‘Summer KiwiSaver scheme’ from the pre-loaded payees on your bank's website. 

You can also set up a regular voluntary contribution via automatic payment on your bank's website using the ‘Summer KiwiSaver scheme’ pre-loaded payee.

Please include your surname and/or IRD number in the required reference fields.



When can I withdraw my KiwiSaver savings?
KiwiSaver is about saving for your retirement, but there are several withdrawal options. Whether you've just turned 65, are moving overseas, need to withdraw due to serious illness or financial hardship or arrange a withdrawal on behalf of someone who has died, our Withdrawals section has you covered.

Can I use my KiwiSaver savings to buy my first house?
Yes, there are options to withdraw from KiwiSaver to purchase your first home. You may also be interested in checking if you're eligible for the Housing New Zealand HomeStart grant.

Section 2 "How does this investment work?" of the product disclosure statement covers additional information on withdrawing your investments. 


Already in KiwiSaver

How do I switch to the Summer KiwiSaver scheme?
If you are already in another KiwiSaver scheme you can switch to the Summer KiwiSaver scheme using our easy online application, and we can take care of the transfer process. You don’t even need to let your existing provider know. 

For more information about the Summer KiwiSaver scheme, read our Summer overview or take a look at our product disclosure statement.


New to KiwiSaver

I am not in a KiwiSaver scheme, can I join?
Most Kiwis are eligible to join KiwiSaver and it doesn't matter if your employed, self-employed or not currently working. Learn more about who can join. 

Joining the Summer KiwiSaver scheme is easy, simple use our online application. 

I’m under 18, can I join?
Under 18's are eligible to join KiwiSaver with the consent of their parents or legal guardian.  

Read more about KiwiSaver for under 18’s.

I’m starting work for the first time, how do I join?
If you’re starting your first job read our First job or under 18? page for more information.


For a plain English guide to KiwiSaver view the KiwiSaver Glossary put together by Workplace Savings NZ. 

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