KiwiSaver for employers

Employers have obligations under the KiwiSaver law and regulations. They’re likely to be asked questions by employees on a range of topics including: how KiwiSaver works; what fund to choose and how to change contribution rates.

Keeping on top of the changes and what they mean can add to the responsibilities of your HR team.

To make life easier for employers, the Summer KiwiSaver scheme offers a Preferred Provider Solution and contact person to deal with your employees’ questions about KiwiSaver. 

It means your employees access information and advice for their retirement, and importantly it does not mean that you have provided investment advice.


How can the Summer KiwiSaver scheme help your business?

We help you save time by preparing an employee pack for you to simply hand to all new and existing employees who wish to join the Summer KiwiSaver scheme. It has the answers to many of the questions they’re likely to ask. 

The Summer KiwiSaver scheme pack includes all the information you are required to give employees, and it can be customised for your company’s requirements.

If you are an employer and would like to discuss how the Summer KiwiSaver scheme can help you to meet your obligations under the KiwiSaver Act please contact us.

You can also complete the preferred provider agreement below, keep a copy for your records, and return one to us. We will notify Inland Revenue of your selection of the Summer KiwiSaver scheme as your preferred provider.

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Preferred provider agreement